The year 1774 was the year that chemistry had its birth as a modern science. The history of Giulini Brothers as a family company began only some 50 years later, to be precise in 1823, when a factory was built for the production of sulphuric acid on the basis of Sicilian sulphur.  

In 1893 the company moved to its present site in the south of Ludwigshafen, often referred to as the town of chemistry.  

The production of sulphuric acid was expanded, and the production of superphosphate and phosphoric acid started. Products on the basis of aluminium hydroxide became a further important component of the production programme.  

In the middle of the 20th century, the expansion of the company's traditional activities started with the concentration of research and development upon chemical specialities and their application, leading to completely new fields of activities: pharmaceutical raw materials, water treatment, synthetic gypsum, food additives, chemicals for the paper industry and raw materials for the footwear industry. 

In 1977, ICL - ISRAEL CHEMICALS LTD. took over the company and founded Giulini Chemie GmbH as their subsidiary. In the wake of the ensuing reorganization, application oriented business units were set up which have been the backbone of the cornpany ever since.  

In 1996, ROTEM-AMFERT-NEGEV LTD., a subsidiary of ICL, acquired BK Ladenburg. The result of this takeover was a far‑reaching product integration for ROTEM-AMFERT-NEGEV LTD., ranging from phosphate rock in the mines of the Negev to fertilizers, green and food grade phosphoric acid, and phosphate specialties.  

As of January 1, 1997, BK Ladenburg and Giulini Chemie have been merged to form BK Giulini Chemie GmbH & Co. OHG, a 100 % subsidiary of the ROTEM-AMFERT-NEGEV Group.  

2006 ICL Performance Products business segment was created by consolidation of BK Giulini and ICL Performance Products LP. 

2015 Acquisition of business line Pharma – Cosmetic – Gypsum by SRL Inc., foundation of SRL Pharma GmbH.

2017 Acquisition of SRL Pharma GmbH by Elementis PLC 

Effective January 1st, 2019, the company "SRL Pharma GmbH" was renamed “Elementis Pharma GmbH”. 

In 2021 production of antiperspirant actives was transferred to our plant in Hugenot / USA.


We supply more than "just" products to our customers in over 100 countries all over the world - we offer solutions:  

Our prompt and comprehensive service requires direct contact with our customers and an efficient logistic network. Elementis Pharma GmbH, with its production site in Ludwigshafen, are situated in the heart of Europe, with direct access to the region's main air, water, road, and rail links.  

Elementis Pharma GmbH has branch offices, subsidiaries, and agencies in countries throughout the world. Our international activities are focused on Europe, South East Asia, China, Japan, and North America. We are also increasing our efforts in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America and Eastern European countries with the support of local sales offices and distributors.

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